Romance by real”?Hyun bin and sohn ye jin supermarket

  Recently, hyun bin and south Korean stars sohn ye jin is in love message has become a hot news.

  How visitors see two people walks in Los Angeles, hyun bin with sohn ye jin parents to

gether for dinner.However, hyun bin and sohn ye jin’s brokerage firms are respectively the first denied gossip.

  Sohn ye jin fang said sohn ye jin parents in South Korea, sohn ye jin is the travel alone, can’t meet with hyun bin.

  Hyun bin holds that hyun bin has just finished filming work, now because of work reasons people abroad, not to travel.

  Due to encounter are not upload photos of two people, plus a brokerage firm quickly denied, netizens have a grain

of salt, the truthfulness of two people in love only to be sure, two of them are abroad now.

  However, brokerage, denied the message of love were “face” a few days later.

  January 21, netizens have accompanied with sohn ye jin hyun bin superma

rket, and photograph upload online.Say good “travel alone” and “with work”?

  Photos, hyun bin and sohn ye jin is a low-key film of leisure dress up.Wearing a hat and

sunglasses sohn ye jin his hands in his, very leisurely paced back and forth in front of the shelves.

  ”The boyfriend” hyun bin is responsible for pushing was piled full of shopping cart,

he put on his hat, his face did not hide sunglasses, masks, seems to be not afraid of being recognized.

AN SAN yuan father 9 tips experts make you a good k

  On 20 January morning, SAN SAN yuan in weibo of the father in the variety show to share how to chase after the girl’s meth

od of screenshots and a caption quipped: “think of how much I am hate to marry old yuan, in order to get a son-in-l

aw also spell”.Dad said screenshots of yuan, if you want to catch up with the girl you – with one word.

  Kiss, is the love express intimacy simple actions, a high quality of kissing can let a

person forever.But some people kissing because don’t understand, often embarrassed when kissing, and even affect the

relationship.The Times of India, has summed up the “skills” become a good kisser, help people to learn the correct kiss your sweetheart.

  1. The fresh breath is very important.Nothing so bad breath can kill more pa

ssion.Kiss if you want to leave a good impression, the first thing to keep a good oral health.The doctor gives advice is: kiss b

efore brush teeth thoroughly, avoid to eat food w

ith a bad smell, such as garlic, onion and leek, mouth freshener are used when necessary.

  2. Don’t be too big a mouth.Although kiss the lips should how rules do not explicitly,

but too much can let a person feel the indecent.Best both lips gently stick together first, and then adjust to each other.

  3. The pose more variable.Change the rhythm of the kiss and posture, can incr

ease the kiss a lot of fun, your partner to indulge.Kiss especially taboo to maintain

a position remains the same, this will not only cause oppression, pain, also easy to let a person boring.

  4. Appropriate use of the hands.Kissing when appropriate use of hands can promote ent

husiasm, but don’t be too hard, can be placed in the other side feel more sensitive parts, such as arms, back, neck, etc.

Latest rankings: NBA rockets end straight out of the

On January 6, 2019, the NBA regular season continued, today, a total of eight

games, the Denver nuggets 123-110 the horne

ts, the jazz 110-105 win over the piston, 76, 106-100 win over the lone ranger,

pelican, 133-98 victory over the knig

ht, raptors 123-116 win over the bucks, the SAN Antonio spurs 108-88 victory over

the Memphis grizzlies, the Por

tland trail blazers 110-101 rockets, warriors 127-123 win over the Sacramento Kings.

In the west side, the rockets 101-110 loss to Portland, put an end to their six ga

mes, they fall from the fourth to fifth ranked the clippers are rising to 4, the nugg

ets win over the hornets now ranks the first in the west and continue to widen

with the thunder.Warriors narr

owly beat the king to 26-14 ranked third in the west and overtook the thunder

came in second, the thunder to 25-1

3 came in second.The spurs after the victory over the Memphis grizzlies are

sixth in the west, the recent rapid adva

nces the spurs game 5-1 recently, continue to impact towards the top five, the b

lazers won the rocket currently ranked seventh, the lakers now in eighth place.

On the eastern side the raptors narrowly beat the bucks, currently ranked second

place in the east, tightly chasing the row in th

e first deer, now only 0.5 between the two teams, the fight for the top east is still

intense.Third remains unchanged is the

pacers, 76 narrow victory after the lone ranger is currently ranked fourth,

continue to expand the gap with the celt

ics, ranked no. 5 in the current celtics, but 76 people two games behind the celt

ics is poor, the heat with 19-18 was ranked sixth, the hornets fell to eighth after loss

to Denver, the nets had risen to 7.

Rocket currently ranked fifth in the west and rank

ing is very dangerous, but they differ with the blazers in 7, a game can decide the

change of the rankings, trium

phantly tightly chasing the rockets now the spurs in the sixth.Rocket start in

January 1-1 record, but the opening two games

are played,Now and then there were two tough games, was followed by the Denver

nuggets and the bucks, one is the fir

st in the west and the other one is the first in the east.So current situation is very

grim, seemingly can’t rank, but the latter two field are losing a great influ

ence on rankings, Gordon was injured in the next two games can return to also

don’t know, the rockets can get through

this depends on how to adjust the team, as well as can harden to super god, together we wait and see!

Chinese family wealth report!8 into the house!Only

  Chinese family wealth report!8 into the house!Only 1% of the stock market

  Author: jun-jie qi of finance and economics

Recently, guangdong development bank jointly southwestern university of finance and

issued a “2018 China’s urban household wealth health report”, which reveals the status of the Chinese family assets.

  First of all, the Chinese family 1.62 million worth of total assets is probably close to $1.62 million, 1.62 million worth investab

le assets, is your stocks, funds, bonds and cash added up to 557000 yuan.The number is growing every year, total ass

ets of only 970000, 2011, only 289000 investment in financial assets.This is mainly caused by two reasons

, one is the income is growing, the second one, house prices are really going up.Prices rose fastest year, total household assets also rose faster.

  Second, 2 into the rich, the gap between their

from ordinary people are high, their total assets is 3 times of ordinary

people, to 4.545 million yuan.This part of the wealthy, tota

l assets and net assets are close to the average level in th

e United States, that is to say the richest 20% of u

rban residents, mostly close to the wealth of developed countries.Just in investable assets, just like the U

nited States also doubled, while income sent 2 times, the aver

age annual income is 689000, and we are one of the richest 20% of households, earning only 2250

00.Have to share one’s income, has almost total assets, such a strange phenomenon, due to our house.

  Third, the family property, nearly 8 to 77.7%,

while only 11.8% of financial assets.In the United States, by contrast, in the family property ratio of only 34.6%

, while the proportion of financial assets of more than 42%, and has a close to 20% of the configuration on the indus

try and commerce, the rest of the developed countries, Japan’s financial assets is as high as 61%, Singapore is 56%, the U

K is 52%, Canada also has 48.6%, so obviously we only 12% less than a strikingly low proportion of financial ass

ets.There 42.9% of bank deposits, stocks accounted for only 8.1%, the fund is only 3.2%.Deposits, in other words, in just

4% of the total assets of the proportion, shows that you have no money, and share in the total assets of less

than 1%, this basically is the vast majority of families do not fry, so lower the rate.

  Fourth, 30 to 40 families, this group of people most money, total assets of m

ore than 3 million, young and old family property configuration.This is underst

andable, young and old are poor, so the house of their total assets ratio is especially high.

  Fifth, record of formal schooling is negatively related with real estate configura

tion, the lower the degree the more like to buy a house, it also represents the meaning of two aspects, 1 degree

is higher, the more diversity.2 degree, the higher the income, the more to be used for other investment.

Solve crimes!The lakers lead why reverse by the rocke

Beijing time on January 20, on a road overtime win after the thunder, the lakers and morale, not only found when James

is not in the team can win the ball tactics, also thoroughly to determine wave can grab points of substitute rota

tion, is happy.Met today to continue on the road of the lakers this season have

been languishing in the rockets, the laker

s and rockets as is disabled full camp, but the power is on the lakers, but I didn

‘t expect the lakers hung in under the guidance of the elder brother of the ball an

d the gap widened by 20 points, but when the ball after injury, Ingram to lead, the lakers will carry not to live.

Small make up first, and you talk about why the ball so much, can play the rocket

s on the ground for a 20 points!First of all, the ability of the elder brot

her of the ball is not reflected on the data, but even so he can also play a full

transcript of data ball, his brother more cond

uctive ability and the ability to pass.As we all know, lebron James and rondo is the

ball to the survival of the lakers points this season, the elder broth

er of the ball in his resolute carry flag after two people were injured, to comb

the lakers’ offense in an orderly way.M

ay see from the court, win rebounds everyone actively into the ball to the elder

brother of the ball, fully shows

the trust from his teammates, led the team score, just like the car’s engine, find

time to attack, worthy is the team leader.

So, what happened to Ingram?Many fans said, if it weren’t for that a few stars in

the Ingram overtime level of shots, the lakers

may fall on scoring drought.Yes, Ingram is extraordinarily brave in overtime,

scored the team’s first seven points.

However, others?Present in the ball, hart, pop, three points LiuKe mihajlovic Iraq

and others is like a genera

l, inside money sum mackey is always very easy to get the ball, but not the ability to

Ingram.Under his thin body, he can’t

pass the first time, more can’t put the ball in position accurately, always stumbling

don’t let a person worry, if the elder

brother of the ball is present, I’m afraid to use more easy and direct way to solve the battle.

In addition, when the real deal with big shot, Ingram misfiring.At the last mome

nt, Ingram throw-in tactics won’t come out to the ball, if today’s last-minute

could, like brother playing ball outsid

e [to respond, or split up defensive score, also won’t let the rockets get an

opportunity.The contrast is too obvious, the l

akers still long snacks, to cultivate the elder brother of the ball, will succeed in the future!

Chen Yulin mother deny blackmail Agreem

  On January 19, 19, netease entertainment, Chen Yulin mother revealed to

the media: “Mr Super wu on October 8, 2018 reached an agreement with our daughter, wood there is no need to go to

blackmail him?As to why November 4th will ask mywood, believe that the net friend has its own judgment.”

  Agreement with the signature of the super wu Chen Yulin parents to the media e

xposure, photos, photo shows super wu and Chen Yulin (his real name is Chen M

englin) has signed an agreement on October 8, 2018.Chen Yulin parents said: “you can combine the time poi

nt to infer, and made a circle of friends on September 24th, October 8, signed it, but on November 5th to return home.”

  Microblogging certification for a lawyer, said the “day” wu articles Chen Yuli

n had consulted him, Chen Yulin had said to him, with the relationship between the

super wu eased, super wu’s lawyer, built a tripartite agreement, signed to wu to let her return to money.

  January 18, has displayed and super wu relationship under seven years of actress Chen

Yulin suddenly in a social account issued a long, originally this is Chen Yulin parents for daughters, they said in the

article, daughter after revealing and super wu’s extra-marital affairs, the man in the form of them privately,

and is willing to give a break-up fee, and hope the daughter don’t go broke, but then the man excuses but after only a

small part of the money paid to extort money “exposed” name of the police arrest her daughter, it has been 2 months,

if convicted or face shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years.

The key battle!Jiangsu women’s volleyball victory ove

  Just, the national women’s volleyball league over a key for this game in

promising the bruins between two teams, jiangsu wo

men’s volleyball team to rely on a better play to a 3-0 victory over liaoning, sent

directly – out.And jiangsu women

‘s volleyball team will also get on to the last four of the last bus, for both teams, it

is a who don’t want to lose the game.

  Home of jiangsu women’s volleyball team very aggressive, right from the start impo

sing manner and the liaoning women’s volleyball team has sent the first team, led b

y Ding Xiayan ni, but from the perspective of the overall strength of

jiangsu women’s volleyball team, or exceeds, esp

ecially their three side attack hand play is very good, let the liaoning women’s

volleyball team some attend.

  Jiangsu women’s volleyball team, their player Zhang Changning condition

is good, not o

nly offensive is very hot, pass is also very solid defender, for the jiangsu wom

en’s volleyball team won the match victory stressed the contribution, it is

very important to a healthy Zhang Changn

ing, the liaoning women’s volleyball team of Zhang Changning LanFang also is not

very effective.

  Jiangsu women’s volleyball victory over liaoning, also give – two veteran left a regret, as the t

eam’s two big Ding Xia and YanNi to the league and the but now liaoning women’s

volleyball team overall strength has b

een with a gap, they lost in the way of the last four of the impact, let a person feel some pity.

  Going out of the liaoning women’s volleyball team of Din

g Xiayan and players are likely to become the team introduced NaYuan.However, due to the two vet

eran in this season are playing tired, willing to join other teams remaining s

uspense, hope they can adjust their own state of body, strive for the national team

with a higher level of the game.

40, jay Chou “small public election” people don’t collaps

  January 18 is jay’s birthday, the big boy accompany you have youth 40 years old this year!

  Friend liu geng hong, fan brother chun-kai wang is the first time on the blessings, fan

s are happy birthday to jay, thank him to accompany you with so many songs over the years.

  Since 2000, with the same name “Jay” official debut album, Jay Chou in the in t

he mind has been cool, drag drag, as time goes by, also gradually exposed the “small publ

ic election” side, lovely, naive and tsundere, spoil everyone said he was “very smelly fart”.

  The drag and tsundere set until now has never collapse.Recent j

ay not bask in Florence travel photos, after a lot of fans see idol to punch as a souvenir photo.

  Birthday, jay updated the individual social networking platform ins story, fans of the load of screenshots.

  It turned out to be the pictures of the fans in the imitation of Chou, jay Chou also very smelly

fart with his fans in the same place imitate him taking pictures, but they don’t know I was upstairs!

Determine listed KPL new transfer saga, camouflag

  Spring 2019 KPL transfer window has been officially open, time is on January 31st January 14 solstice.

KPL every transfer window has many blockbuster, coaching last year, bast, camouflage, orange

and so on more than one line of players transfer, while the transfer window will inevitably will also have a lot of changes.

  Today QGhappy officer and KPL official explanation, just released the first batch of listed professional player list.

  A, the QGhappy player: camouflage, M, Hico

  Late January 18, QG club officer announced quotation list, including starting in disguise.

  M and Hico were wide and wild QG bench player, currently QG bilateral road and wild starting

state stability, bench player transfer window to seek opportunities is also understandable.

  To join QGhappy camouflage in just one season, the very unexpected was listed.

  On January 18, 18 points in 37 points, QGhappy. Camouflage send Po:

  Transfer to QG this half a year, through a lot, learned a lot, listed is not equal to the transfer, is to explore the possibility of career more.

  After joining QGhappy camouflage, KPL fall race to stop the first round of the playoffs, winter in the champions league final defeat to Hero long race.

  Although the chemical reaction with the whole team didn’t achieve the ideal situation, but QGhappy still belong to elite status.

  The winter champions league, the camouflage of the personal data is as follows:

  Averaging KDA5.5, output accounted for 25%, the data in the unit put pay to middle level.

  But it is worth noting that the mask points are only 5

85, economic and stabbing pain points all economy in 745, flying cow points are 625.

  In disguise is a single function, a lot of time QGhappy sti

ll predominantly wild nuclear system, specific team will give flying cow more development space.

  Hit the adaptation of the nuclear system need the whole team, economic dispatch, transfer

line time, rhythm and processing, and wild nuclear system have the difference, but QG has been rarely try Hero long race in nuclear game like that.

  So what exactly is disguised in nuclear wizard play is not good, or the whole team’s tactical arrangements, we don’t know.

Qingdao vientiane city chanel woman smashed

  Late January 16, some netizens said that Qingdao sh

andong road, vientiane city chanel shop smashed by a woman.North green newspaper reporter in fact in the video

I saw a woman dressed in a pink jacket of cosmetics chanel shoppe directly picked up fell on the ground, and pulling counters.

  Witness mr.chen told north green news reporter, this woman looked young, emotional, on-site customer and staff repeatedly blocked its excesses, but to little effect.

  This morning, Qingdao south notice said the public security bureau, January 16, 21 PM, south the police after the alarm, a woman in

vientiane city shandong province road on the first floor, intrusion customers and broke the chanel shop goods.

  Called, zhanshan rip through the public security bureau police station 110 civilian police rus

hed to the scene rapidly, found that the women’s mental abnormalities, quickly to the women’s control.To the lat

er, the woman is always in a state of mental abnormality, the police immediately get in touch with his parents.After

investigation, the woman is chengyang district in the city people ryu (female, 21 years old), perennial with schizophrenia.

  That night, the woman was taken to Qingdao quiet mental hospital care, the case is under further work.